Quick Hits: Weather Anti-Porn, Mag Ads, Greatest Boom, Facebook, etc.

Still out fishing, but catching up on a few things in my ever-overflowing link box:

  • Article about heat wave records in Vancouver never actually specifies temperatures (Globe & Mail)
  • Latest magazine ad data has tech publications falling faster than real estate (MPA)
  • Canadian cities lead world in Facebook adoption (Gridskipper)
  • Are we in the greatest economic boom ever? (Fortune)
  • Ad industry finally paying close attention to Facebook (AdAge)
  • Most volatile year in recent memory for ad spending by 50 largest U.S. advertisers (AdAge)
  • Build alt asset portfolios of stuff other than stocks, bonds, and real estate (NYT)


  1. Just a note about the Globe temperature story: The dead-tree edition ran with a table beside it that had all the temperatures (which is presumably why they weren’t included), but it looks like the table never made it onto the Web.