Muppet Moment: Bake the Hall in the Candle of her Brain

For over two weeks now I have had a fragment of a line from a long-ago and 99%-forgotten Muppets movie/show/bit, running through my head. Something about a broken ball.

Trying to remember it or trace it nearly made me mad. Couldn’t figure out for the life of me where it came from; couldn’t remember the line correctly either.

But it wouldn’t go away. Awful. Over and over. That fragment of a fragment. If you know me at all, you know that’s the sort of thing that drives me nuts.

Until tonight. To my gleeful pleasure, The Better Google — i.e., an email to my brothers — helped me finally figure it out. The line, which is from The Frog Prince, a 1971 one-hour Muppet version of the classic fairy tale, was “Bake the hall in the candle of her brain”.

Sigh, finding it was, to borrow a line from David Foster Wallace, the click of a well-made box. I feel soooo much better now.


  1. In the future, Ask the AV Club is just the thing for such requests.

  2. franklin stubbs says:

    DFW must have cribbed that line from Yeats.

  3. Yup, cribbed and attributed. I should have been clearer about the original source.

  4. Damn, Paul — I could have helped you out with that one. The Frog Prince is one of my favourites. “Have another popover, froggy!” Classic.

  5. Paul-
    Just this Saturday night 9/8/07 at a restaurant my friend said the quote. It was piceless.
    Thanks for your post re/ The Frog Prince.

  6. I still have “The Frog Prince” cast album via a 33 1/3rpm record. It is an all time GREAT Muppet movie long before Muppets became all that they are now.
    The Sweetum’s lullaby is something I sing to my Godson!!