Markets Go to Zero. News at Nine.

Wild day on the markets today. Things may perk up by the close, but the Dow is currently off 320 388 412 points, or 2.8%, and the the Nasdaq and S&P 500 are doing worse. Only two Dow stocks are up, 3M and P&G, and some stocks are crazy crunched, like Akamai (off 21%), and TheStreet (off 16%).

Gainers are always interesting on days like this. Leading the way on Nasdaq are, Vignette, and Omniture, all up  middle-teens in percentage terms.

[Update] Ohhhh, it’s Dvorak’s fault. Wish I’d seen this yesterday and been able to get out of the markets in time.


  1. Vignette’s making any material gains would be news. Their doing so during a market bloodbath is surely–along with John Dvorak’s recent conversion to the Mac–a sign of the End Times.