Jobs, Jobs, Jobs via iGreed

I get this request often enough that I finally decided to do something about it. I am in the process of launching a jobs service attached to this site, one that will be focused on financial stuff, plus some technology & media, etc.

Given this site’s readership — which covers hedge funds, venture funds, buy-side people, entrepreneurs, and institutional investors — there are some eclectic markets for people to search for positions, as well as advertise for openings.

The service is at, and it will be formally launched shortly. Please do check it out now — and stay tuned for launch specials.

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  1. Coruscation says:

    Jobs Jobs Jobs
    Sounds familiar. Brian Mulroney’s 1984?
    I think there’s a good market for niche jobs sites; theladders is getting lots of attention,
    and 37signals job/gig board, and
    look well targeted.
    On the search side, it’s a pity to see go down.