iPhone Firmware Update Imminent?

Apparently an iPhone firmware update may be imminent:

According to RBC Capitol [sic] Markets, an iPhone firmware update is coming
soon. Among the fixes and updates will be new widgets, iChat, MMS, home
networking support, Leopard integration, and location based services. 

Great to hear, but how do you have location-based services without a GPS?

[Macrumors via Boy Genius]


  1. I thought that they could do it the old fashioned way, by knowing what cell tower you are currently attached to?

  2. Duh, but of course. What was I thinking?

  3. You can use a number of technology to determine the location of the mobile owner. Cell tower triangulation is one of them but not very precise, especially in rural areas where the cells are very big. Another one is Wifi triangulation which uses the Wifi beacon along with a proprietary geo-located database to pinpoint your location. This assumes a client software that would obtain these beacons and relay them to a server for triangulation (SkyHook Wireless provides this service) and the last one as you mention is the GPS which I can wait to see embedded in the iPhone.
    Thanks – Martin