Google’s Draggable Driving Directions

Whoa, Google’s new draggable driving directions are very cool. Love how you can re-route just by grabbing the proposed route line and moving it elsewhere.

Of course, it immediately led to silliness. I right away found myself trying to find obscure ways of getting from some place to the place across the street. For example, getting from Piatti Restaurant in La Jolla to the Marine Room restaurant in La Jolla, via … say, Minneapolis.

Trust me, while you might miss a few surfers straying onto Avenida de la Playa on the normal 0.5-mile route, you wouldn’t want to make the 3,938.5-mile detour.


  1. Piatti’s … yum. Brings back memories

  2. It is even more incredibly useful for cycling.
    I have no odometer on my bike, but when Barbara and I tried a new route back from Langdon Hall to Toronto on Monday, I was able to drag the EXACT route we took and get an answer that looked accurate to 100 meters! (108.9 km, FYI)
    Figuring out exact distances in a car is semi-useful…when the engine is your own legs it is even more so.
    Hmmmm…given that Google Earth has elevation data I wonder if they could add a widget to Maps that would also give you the elevation profile of any given route?

  3. Just watched the video clip for these new features.
    Seems cool that they added this, and it’s about time the mapping services utilized these features. Even when I go to AAA for driving directions they give me a one-shot deal map that routes you through the toll roads. Very little flexibility.
    These new Google Map features will be interesting to play around with.

  4. some GPS devices do exactly that if you choose the “avoid highway” option…