Global In-Game Advertising Market’s Rocket Ride

From a new Yankee Group report on the global, in-game advertising market:

Yankee Group today revealed that the global in-game advertising market, which generated $77.7 million globally in 2006, continues to develop at an exponential rate. By 2011, worldwide in-game advertising expenditures (fixed product placement/static ads and dynamic ads) will grow to $971.3 million.

According to the Yankee Group Report, Advertising and Games: 2007  In-Game Advertising Forecast, published today, new media is eclipsing traditional advertising media. Spending on traditional advertising media (television, newspapers, radio and magazines) grew $3.6 billion last year while spending on internet advertising grew $4.3 billion.


  1. dub dub says:

    “exponential”, eh?
    Paul, I respectfully ask you stop posting press releases as fact. Or at least put in a brief disclaimer! E.g. “this is a press release”. Please?
    Thank you!

  2. Fair enough. Mind you, I always assume everyone, like me, takes these market researcher press releases with a fairly giant grain of salt.

  3. dub dub says:

    Thanks paul! I’m new relatively new here, and a brief disclaimer would save me a click :)

  4. By the year 3007, this tree will reach the moon …