Bloomberg Needs to Fix Video

I generally love Bloomberg — smart writing, unvarnished TV, and super-duper data — but they really need to fix their online video. I just watched on live Bloomberg TV a lengthy interview with Vinod Khosla, and now it’s gone. Unlinkable, unfindable, and unshareable.

What’s the point of that? Why can’t I go to an archive and embed Bloomberg’s great business video content?


  1. I did a 15 minute segment on Bloomberg TV a few months ago. Great discussion: topic the subprime mess. Online link? No where to be found. bummer.

  2. I guess you mean the Bloomberg web site. The Khosla interview is available on my Bloomberg terminal, as is a lot of other stuff that never finds its way to the outside world.
    This is their way of motivating people to buy subscriptions, I suppose. Not for nothing is Michael Bloomberg a billionaire.

  3. Yup, it’s available on the for-money Bloomberg terminal. Too bad, but definitely can’t blame Mike for making money.