Biggest Domain Name Sale Ever?

Step aside, The biggest domain name sale ever may have happened today, and it wasn’t for porn.

Lexico Publishing Group, the company behind, and just fetched $100 million, sold to

This was about domain names, pure and simple. And at least until goes for a few hundred million, this is a record-setter, me-thinks.

[via WSJ]


  1. I remember talking to these guys around like 1999. It was just two guys in an office in socal iirc. gotta love it.

  2. its also about ad revenue. having said that is a throwback to 1999 era silliness.

  3. And the traffic, right? Those three sites with huge traffic, zillions of links, etc.

  4. I wonder if someone will start securitizing domain name sets.

  5. And you’d think SOMEONE would want to buy for say, a million or two…