AAPL: 270,000 iPhones

Okay, everyone was wrong. Apple sold 270,000 iPhones, which is better than AT&T’s 162,000 number, but considerably worse than the highest numbers on the street.

Let the iFlop stories begin. (For the irony challenged, I’m kidding.)


  1. “The numbers on the street” were for the entire first weekend.

    Bloomberg: Apple May Have Sold 700,000 IPhones, Beating Estimate
    TheStreet.com: Apple’s iPhone Misses Sales Targets

    AAPL reported the number sold in their quarter which doesn’t include Sunday.

  2. Amazing – the real numbers are lower than the rumored numbers, but the stock passed $150, today, in the after hours market. Those nutty investors.

  3. note, thats 270,000 in the first day and a half…
    the iphone was actually available in apple stores over that weekend, despite the long lines. but i noticed that it was then sold out in most stores on monday and over the 4th of July holiday when i finally decided to take the leap, but wasn’t able to find one anywhere.
    so how many were sold on days 3, 4, 5, 6… word is that AAPL are saying they’ll sell number 1 million during this first quarter of sales…
    the big question: are they or are they not on track to meet Job’s famous prediction of selling 10 million…

  4. Rafael Montoya says:

    They probably expect that iPhone 2.0 will be what everyone needs to be. I think the investors are paying for vaporware.

  5. blofeld says:

    Did the call clarify that it was 270K? There was that pesky footnote about peripherals.
    Anyway. X number sold over 30 hours is meaningless. It’s a useless data point to forecast anything. It’s like measuring an earthquake for a millisecond and figuring out what the Richter scale is.
    I believe Opp said they are on track for 10 mill still.

  6. actually if you listen to the call apple was pretty clear it shipped 270,000 iphones, not sold.

  7. jean – if they shipped 270,000 and the thing was sold out in most stores, surely that’s just pedantic semantics?

  8. “270K sold in the first 30 hours” reads like one of those amorphous metrics that retailers manipulate to make themselves sound good, like “Sales per square foot”
    Nobody hands out gold medals at the 30 meter mark in the 100M sprint for best start. It’s all about the number by the end of the year.

  9. that 270K includes all iPhones and don’t forget, iPhone realated products and accessories.

  10. Alan Graham says:

    What I find funny in all this is that this analyst bullsh*t number that was completely pulled out of the air and thrown around the web was just irresponsible. I mean Apple never said that they would sell 500-700k the first two days. Still…270k is a lot…and if you listened carefully…Apple said they expect to sell 1 million by the end of September. If you know anything about Apple…you know if they say that…they are sure to hit it.
    No analyst knows how many units were in the channel…it is all conjecture. That’s it.
    People want Apple to fail so badly…they look for every little tiny crack they can exploit to make some story to ding them. The Duke network story turned out to be nothing…the fake Apple memo saying the iPhone would be delayed…and now…the “soft” iPhone #’s.
    This is all just silly.
    Apple had a bang up quarter…why not just let them have some glory and credit them for that?

  11. @Nick
    Give a cite for that. What I have read says otherwise:
    “Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, however, said that footnote refers only to revenue from iPhone accessories, not unit shipments. The 270,000 shipment figure in Apple’s earnings release is all iPhones, and doesn’t include headsets, cases or other accessories, he said.” From: AT&T, Apple differ on the iPhone gap at ZDNet.