Why Apple’s WWDC was a Bust

Check here for one smart Apple observer’s take on who attended Apple’s WWDC yesterday on why it was such a bust, even for developers.

This was the most attended and least interesting WWDC that I have been
to. No iPhone love. Leopard is cool but late. Games are nice, but most
of what was shown has been already seen. Given that one can watch a
video of the Keynote already from Apple’s site,
I don’t know if I will make this annual pilgrimage next year. Will I
buy an iPhone. For sure. Will I get Leopard and continue to use Apple
gear. Definitely. Am I an Apple fan. Not really.


  1. I know this statement incorporates some occurances from the rest of the day, but I wish people had some perspective. I thought the difference between a 1.5 hour keynote speech and a weeklong developer conference with the highest attendance ever and near 2000 Apple engineers were easily discernable. Apparently not. WWDC is just the keynote.