Wal-mart, Dell, Greenberg & Gates

My friend Herb Greenberg and I did our (now) twice-weekly “Fear & Greed” segment on CNBC tonight. You can find it here.

The topics were the turnarounds at Wal-mart and Dell, with the former including some sort of analogy by Herb about Coke. We concluded with Herb doing a noisy victory lap for his mostly correct comment earlier in the week about the recent Gates/Job get-together here in San Diego.


  1. The thing to realize about the increased headcount at Dell is that they were bringing customer service jobs in house after outsourcing. So its not that they’ve really drastically grown their workforce over the last five years, just shifted from contractors to employees in an effort to improve service. That said, its probably true that every big company could trim 10% of its people every few years.

  2. Herb Greenberg is just an idiot permabear. He’s always bearish on the market, inventing new reasons on the fly as he goes along and costing small fortunes to investors that are followers of his.

  3. herb greenberg says:

    Kent, if I’m such an idiot “permabear” what was I doing being vocally bullish on Coke at 40 in October and Wal mart not just now, but back on Fast Money when the stock was still wallowing. And that Rjet, which I talked about positively back in the teens, continues to fly right. I don’t put buys or sells on stocks; just point out out opportunities and risks. Good investors want to know why people are on the other side of their trades.
    Cheers and on behalf of Paul: Thanks for the comment!