Tidbit: Apple’s iPhone Does the Blackberry Tagline Thing

A tidbit from an iPhone user this week: All outgoing iPhone-sent emails contain the tagline “Sent from my iPhone”. Shades of Blackberry, of course, but also sensible viral marketing.


  1. … and this highlights the best thing the iPhone has going for it – cachet.

  2. Also a somewhat useful service to reader/writers. “Please excuse any abnormal number of typos and other errors in this message because I was responding with limited capabilities.”

  3. Tomas Sancio says:

    If we consider that most Blackberry messages are “OK”, “Gotcha” or “c u”, then their bandwidth is taken up by the “This message sent with Blackberry” stuff or “This message sent with Blackberry using XX carrier”.
    Additionally, since I don’t own a Blackberry nor an iPhone (at least not yet), is there a way to disable this message?

  4. In the UK (at least on Vodafone) you can override the sig with whatever you want – or leave it blank. Is this not the case with other providers?