Oil Reserves, BP’s Statistical Review, etc.

Meant to link to this earlier in the week, but BP’s 2007 Statistical Review of World Energy came out Tuesday, and it’s excellent, data-rich stuff. It has come under some criticism for purportedly showing that world oil reserves take us out another 40 years at current depletion rates, but, even if true, that’s cold comfort.

Nevertheless, the report is well worth reading, and the slide deck alone is a keeper. An example:


  1. yes i agree! all of this info is great! the more awareness the better, here’s a Boone Pickens quote on topic(i believe from the wsj approx 2 weeks ago):
    “You’ll not see oil below $50 again except for very short spikes…85 million barrels a day is all the globe can do. The demand is right on 85 million barrels a day. It’s quite unusual but it means prices stay high…”
    the man knows a thing or two about oil

  2. Tom Keller says:

    Anybody notice how there’s been about 40 years’ of oil for the last 20 years?
    That should be warm comfort.
    Also, you should look at what it takes for oil companies to book “reserves”. It’s a different beast than saying the world will run out of oil in 40 years.