Perspectives on Apple WWDC: Stick in Eye Marketing

Well, that’s that. So, did we see any revelations, any big stuff, in the Apple WWDC keynote today? I don’t think so, but let’s review:

  • Leopard on target for an October release. Knew that.
  • Leopard is cool and graphical and stuff. Knew that.
  • iPhone is out June 29. Knew that.
  • iPhone is out at at 6pm on June 29. Didn’t know that, so will stay off roads.
  • Apple is letting developers do some more work building apps for iPhone. Knew that.
  • Apple is releasing a version of its Safari browser for Windows. Didn’t know that, and I wish Steve would have poked a real stick in Bill’s eye instead last week at D, but I guess we’ll have to settle for the software version.

Matter of fact, about the only interesting part came at 11:22 of the Jobsnote:

11:22 am   Head of Apple iPhone software had some trouble typing with the iPhone on-screen keyboard

The stock was briefly trading up, post-keynote, so apparently the absence of news isn’t troubling people. Maybe there was some concern that Jobs would fall into the orchestra pit. Whew, didn’t happen.

[Update] Valleywag has a good look at what was announced in the WWDC and its materiality.