McNamee Tipped his Palm Purchase

Missed this back in March when it came out, but at a Churchill Club tech trends session Elevation Partners’ Roger McNamee tipped his investment thesis for buying 25% of Palm. The gist: He thinks people (like him) will carry multiple single-purpose devices, and multiple cell phones in future, driving a huge proliferation of such things. In other words, the future of these devices will different from what happened in PCs and the like.

While I carry a few cellphones, and I think it’s an interesting argument, the idea of carrying a bevy of such devices isn’t appealing. If you fixed the mobile browser, as Steve Jurvetson points out in the segment, much of the need would go away.


  1. maybe you missed it because it came out in March, seven years ago? The date on the intro is 2000. Tho I don’t recall Mullet McNamee to be that hairy back then.

  2. Nope, was this year. You can carbon-date McNamee by his mullet. More importantly, they reference the iPhone, which would have made them awfully prescient.

  3. Yup – this year, 2007. My mistake on the intro in the video… was trying to get it up quickly.