iPhone: You Mean It’s a Cellphone, Too?

The June 29th launch date aside, my main impression of Apple’s new iPhone ads is that Apple is consciously underpromoting iPhone’s … phone aspect. None of the ads show dialing, and even answering a call is an afterthought. Markoff captures this in the Times — “You mean it’s a cellphone, too?”, one customer said — and that’s striking.


  1. Why do we need to see how it makes a telephone call? We’ve made telephone calls for years. Jobs made several calls during his KeyNote speech. He hit the dialer, punched in a number, presto, easy connect. He returned a call from voice mail. He automatically dialed StarBucks from the Google Map. Do you seriously think it won’t have a digit pad for dialing?
    Get a grip people!

  2. Hmm? Maybe you haven’t been following the post-announcement griping about touchscreen typing on iPhone. To my mind, that has been the biggest worry people have about the iPhone, so it’s interesting that it wasn’t shown.

  3. Yes, in the callimari commercial they did infact show typing when “Seafood” was typed. It looked pretty flawless to me.

  4. All the demos including the commercials show that text messaging is extremely slow, and they always use one finger.
    I dare them to put up a nore Blackberry / Smartphone style text messaging….oh I forgot…they can’t do IT!!

  5. How often do you make calls by entering a number these days?
    I know the phone numbers of exactly two people. The rest, I call by scrolling through the address book. (Or hitting the return call button.)
    When I’m checking email or browsing the Web and I see a phone number, I can usually click to call it.

  6. Rafael Montoya says:

    It appears, as with many new widgets, that the first users will be more sofisticated so they will not be dependent on the screen.
    Also the pricing strategy will make it an expensive phone, so as a friend of mine said last week: “my next iPod will be the iPhone, and it also has a celphone and PDA included for a few more dollars”.