iPhone Reviews, the Ark of the Covenant, etc.

Four iPhone reviews are out, all raves positive, and Walt Mossberg’s WSJ review is pretty close to a rave. In particular, two of the three (less so Pogue) are fond of the non-keyboard keyboard, and all think the screen is marvy and scratch/smudge-free. Main things that have people a little skittish: the battery (it’s not replaceable), and the icky slow AT&T edge network.

Walt Mossberg:

Our verdict is that, despite some flaws and feature omissions, the iPhone is, on balance, a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer. Its software, especially, sets a new bar for the smart-phone industry, and its clever finger-touch interface, which dispenses with a stylus and most buttons, works well, though it sometimes adds steps to common functions.

As a related aside, CNET has a good catch: The WSJ later changed the headline of Mossberg’s review from “The iPhone is breakthrough handheld
computer” to “Testing out the iPhone.”

David Pogue:

But even in version 1.0, the iPhone is still the most sophisticated, outlook-changing piece of electronics to come along in years. It does so many things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to forgive its foibles.

On CNBC to talk iPhone momentarily, at 4pm PST. They’re apparently going to have an iPhone in-studio later in the hour. My understanding is that it’s carried around in the Ark of the Covenant, but that could just be an unfounded rumor.

[Update] They had the iPhone in-studio, but there was no sign of the Ark. Maybe it was left outside for fear of turning everyone to dust.


  1. mr taco says:

    iPhone? Hey what is that? Is that coming out soon? I haven’t heard anything about it. Please tell us more.