IDC’s Blinding Flash of the iPhone Obvious

As we get closer to iPhone launch date I expect many market research organizations and others to release attention-grabbing studies and the like. With that in mind, today’s IDC iPhone report should come as no surprise, even if it is a statement of the blindingly obvious: Given its price, and given the cost of switching carriers, not everyone who might like an iPhone will buy one.

Mass Consumer Adoption of the iPhone Not a Certainty, IDC Survey Finds

19 Jun 2007

price of the device itself and the cost of switching carriers may dampen the
demand for Apple’s iPhone, according to a survey conducted by IDC.

The survey of
online mobile phone shoppers, conducted by IDC and Market Insight Corp., found
that while a majority of the respondents – nearly 60% of a sample of 456
individuals – were interested in the
iPhone, they were unlikely to buy one anytime soon owing to the cost of the
device and the potential cost of switching carriers.

Gee, thanks guys. I bet that the same logic only applies to … pretty much every damn product with a non-zero price and switching cost.

[via IDC]


  1. bluderfok says:

    I do not worry a lot about iPhone’s price, the most concerned thing on iPhone is AT&T’s service