Greenspan: Markets are ‘Discounting Nirvana’

Will someone please soon sign up Alan Greenspan for a consulting gig? He’s back to predicting China problems, but he has now upped the rhetorical ante by offering that price-earnings ratios are ‘discounting nirvana.’

Yeesh. I hope he gets some new clients quickly.

[via Reuters]

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  1. Richard says:

    Yikes…how does someone who’s had such a great gig for a long time turn in to such a bitter old man?

  2. One Way Stox says:

    I thought Bill Gross hired him at PIMCO…talk about potential conflicts of interest!

  3. franklin stubbs says:

    Geez Louise… Bernanke needs to call Tony Soprano and get a horse’s head in this guy’s bed.
    Yo, Greenie! Shaddup already! (Or at least find some dignity why doncha?)
    Caroline Baum already did a great job of showing how awful a prognosticator Greenspan was — the guy made a Magic 8 ball look good. Maybe it’s time he, and the public, were reminded of this…

  4. Patrick Kerr says:

    Greenie is Pimco’s new QB, Bill Gross is calling in the plays. The big boys play hardball and like to play to win. Each time Greenie makes a market call its fun to watch the bonds.

  5. No where but up says:

    You’d think the man would take a break. This market isn’t going anywhere but up. Greenie is yesterday’s news and yesterday’s way of thinking.

  6. franklin stubbs says:

    “This market isn’t going anywhere but up.”
    Oh lord.

  7. Ben says:

    I guess around about Oct 2007 the 20th anniversary of the 1987 market crash will be interesting. This market has such a long drop down ahead of it, the thing is when?