Greenspan: Markets are ‘Discounting Nirvana’

Will someone please soon sign up Alan Greenspan for a consulting gig? He’s back to predicting China problems, but he has now upped the rhetorical ante by offering that price-earnings ratios are ‘discounting nirvana.’

Yeesh. I hope he gets some new clients quickly.

[via Reuters]


  1. Yikes…how does someone who’s had such a great gig for a long time turn in to such a bitter old man?

  2. One Way Stox says:

    I thought Bill Gross hired him at PIMCO…talk about potential conflicts of interest!

  3. franklin stubbs says:

    Geez Louise… Bernanke needs to call Tony Soprano and get a horse’s head in this guy’s bed.
    Yo, Greenie! Shaddup already! (Or at least find some dignity why doncha?)
    Caroline Baum already did a great job of showing how awful a prognosticator Greenspan was — the guy made a Magic 8 ball look good. Maybe it’s time he, and the public, were reminded of this…

  4. Greenie is Pimco’s new QB, Bill Gross is calling in the plays. The big boys play hardball and like to play to win. Each time Greenie makes a market call its fun to watch the bonds.

  5. No where but up says:

    You’d think the man would take a break. This market isn’t going anywhere but up. Greenie is yesterday’s news and yesterday’s way of thinking.

  6. franklin stubbs says:

    “This market isn’t going anywhere but up.”
    Oh lord.

  7. I guess around about Oct 2007 the 20th anniversary of the 1987 market crash will be interesting. This market has such a long drop down ahead of it, the thing is when?