Germany’s G-8 Riots

I hadn’t realized until this morning the scale of the anti- G-8 riots in German. Staggering and saddening.

Germany’s worst riots in decades erupted on Saturday, leaving almost a thousand people injured and overshadowing Berlin’s preparations for this week’s Group of Eight wealthy nations’ summit.

A spokesman for the security forces said on Sunday that approximately 430 police officers were injured in the violent street battles between militant activists and heavily-armed police in Rostock, north-eastern Germany. 125 arrests were made, police said.

[via FT]


  1. In a heavily regulated social system, there is decreased up- and downward mobility. With no decent economic perspectives, people blame capitalism, not the government that subverts it.

  2. A large percentage of the participants are apolitical or naive teenagers simply attending a free social event. The true believers and agitators try very hard to get these innocents sucked into the violence. Should this movement *seriously get out of hand* a fascist dictatorship may be the “solution.”
    Please note the emphasis on “seriously out of hand.”