Facebook Really is That Company

Speaking of Facebook pre-IPO excitement, the following note ex-Googler, and new Facebook-er, Justin Rosenstein has been sending around is vertigo-inducing stuff:

A couple of months ago, after three years as a Google product manager, I decided to leave for Facebook. I am writing this note to spread Good News to all the friends I haven’t already overwhelmed with my enthusiasm: Facebook really is That company.

Which company? That one. That company that shows up once in a very long while — the Google of yesterday, the Microsoft of long ago. That company where large numbers of stunningly-brilliant people congregate and feed off each other’s genius. That company that’s doing with 60 engineers what teams of 600 can’t pull off. That company that’s on the cusp of Changing The World, that’s still small enough where each employee has a huge impact on the organization, where you think about working now and again, and where you know you’ll kick yourself in three years if you don’t jump on the bandwagon now, even after someone had told you that it was rolling toward the promised land. That company where everyone seems to be having the time of their life.

I’m serious. I have drunk from the kool-aid, and it is delicious. Facebook is hiring ambitiously across the organization. If you’re an engineer, UI designer, product manager, statistician, bizdev god, general entrepreneurial badass, whatever, and you would even consider considering Facebook as your new place for hat-hanging, please send me a Facebook message. We can have lunch, or I can give you a tour, or we can go kick it with Mark Zuckerberg — whatever it takes.

As, I said heady stuff, but Justin is apparently serious in wanting people to contact him, so here you are. Be nice though.


  1. What a brown-noser! 😉
    Throw a stick out in any Bay Area crowd and you’ll hit 10 people who think their company is “that company”. Only hindsight will tell.

  2. gonna be HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow.
    That post has a huge F.H.Q. — Future Humiliation Quotient.
    Years from now, if Justin is right, and Facebook is the next Microsoft/Apple/Yahoo/Cisco/Oracle/Google whatever, JR will look quite prescient.
    I don’t know Justin, so I cannot accuse him of being just another breathless PR hack. But — Sweet Moses! — that’s a potentially embarrassing assemblage of words.
    See you in 2012 . . .

  4. One Way Stox says:

    Man! …& I thought John Doerr (crying climate change speech) was fuggin’ cracked!
    Young Mr. Rosenstein needs to dose up on some male hormones.

  5. Mr. I Wanna Vomit over the hype says:

    My god man, get a hold of yourself. Let’s put things into perspective, Facebook isn’t ‘That Company”. What does Facebook provide that is worthy of such over inflated praise? Seriously, think about it. Facebook is a rather simple looking website that lets me leave comments for my friends. OK, I know you’re going to jump in and ramble on about how it is the new breed of social networking ‘software’ that is opening up the taps to 3rd party apps, but honestly it’s a freaking message board.
    So let’s now address the comparison to Google and Microsoft, which I can’t believe you did. Firstly Google, who I abhorred until recently, provides an obscene amount of value to those who partake in their offerings. I could ramble on but you know the list of free functionality and convenience they offer so I’ll hold off on the list. As for the Microsoft comparison…man, you are killing me. I sit here on my ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC with a Windows OS, listening to music on my Zune and checking email on my pocket PC. Is Facebook even in the non-web market….no sir. Facebook is a website man. Say it with me “Website”, better yet lets drill down “Website Message Board with unsubstantial 3rd party application plug-ins”.
    I’m sure you meant Facebook is the next MS or Google innovation wise but to quell that hype, remember they didn’t invent social networking nor 3rd party plug-ins to social networking sites. So to your hype I say “Ba Humbug” and good day sir.

  6. Karel Baloun the first senior engineer of FACEBOOK near onset wrote an amazing book on how they put the whole thing together and where the whole thing is going—can be found on amazon called: Inside Facebook by Karel Baloun , Karel Baloun is now working on the only Commodity Futures Trading Community: http://www.Ptrades.Com another exciting project that fills an unmet niche in the financial world, Facebook seems so much less cumbersome than a lot of the other stuff out there, anyway everyone already knows that

  7. dub dub says:

    Do we have (leaked) financials from facebook yet?
    When I saw goolag’s financials for the first time (just before the ipo) I almost fell off my chair — I had no idea they were making that much money from click fraud, and they were only getting warmed up! :)
    It’s clear facebook is the place to be right now — @jordan (and others above) are somewhat correct, but after a while you learn to distinguish “grade/quality” of hype, and facebook’s seems more-substantive. If there’s ad money (or some other money) coming in to back up the hype, FB will kick butt long enough for investors and most current employees to do well. If not, it will be an embarrassment. Remember google had/has hype and an extraordinay amount of earnings.
    After all, the whole web 2.0 thing is kind of B.S. — nobody is curing cancer or anything. My cell phone needs to be rebooted every other day or so, but atleast I can share bookmarks and photos for free! Accounting software sucks, but at least I can manage my contacts thru gmail!1!! And spy on my narcissistic, ADD-addled friends who update their every move on facebook (not a dig on facebook, I’m just sayin’)
    So while this thing lasts, you might as well have fun! It’s not a 25-year career, you’re going for the fast buck. Worst case is you have an interesting line on your resume, and a blog entry or two (because of course you have a blog). It’s a game, perfect fodder for “Infectious Greed” :)

  8. Facebook Kool-aid overdose.

  9. Ugh, SHUT UP already about FaceBook! WHO CARES? Stop perpetuating this cult of personality that is mark zuckerberg. Jesus. Facebook does not revolutionize the world! Search did. Facebook does not. Stop hyping them up or we will all be laughing at how insipid these publishings seem after the next downturn.

  10. One Way Stox says:

    anyone wanna take wagers on the over/under on how much longer Kid Rosenstein lasts @ FaceBook?
    Let’s start at 9mos…& I’m taking the under.

  11. Justin Rosenstein says:

    I’ll admit that that note does come off as a bit more cultish when reprinted on a public blog than when sent to my personal friends. But I’ll stand by my claims, eFHQ be damned :-)
    I don’t represent Facebook, but if you’d like my personal viewpoint on why my expected-value estimate for the company seems unreasonably high (and there’s some non-zero probability that, at the end of that conversation, you’ll hand me a resume ;-), I’d be happy to talk with you.

  12. dub dub says:

    @Justin: You seem to be a probability nut, so here’s one for you:
    What’s the probability that one of your “personal friends” doesn’t like you too much, conditioned on this letter falling into a “public blog’s” hands?
    Also, talking probability gibberish doesn’t make you sound as smart as you think it does — that last paragraph is a doozy.
    All in good fun, enjoy the ride :)

  13. the nay-sayers here are the same folks who pissed all over GOOG’s $85/share IPO… in other words, idiots. if i can get the same deal with BOOK, i’d take it a heartbeat. and David Sze is a smart man to learn the error of his ways and still jump in on a $500M valuation.
    mark my words: facebook is the juggernaut, bee-atch.
    IPO at no less than $10B, if not at the open then definitely by end of day.
    and i WILL refer back to this post when it happens.
    – dave mcclure

  14. Hey, I drank the Kool-aid too…and it tastes mighty fine! I feel the same way about my company that Justin does.
    But anyone can write an email about it.
    Try doing a homage through a music video — like the one I just posted on my blog. :)
    Brown nosing? No.
    Appreciating it…cuz I’ve had other jobs not as real.
    Now, I just work for the pub.

  15. Who’s orchestrating this PR campaign for Facebook? I have not seen such hilarious hysteria over a freakin web site since late 90s.
    How can you call a plug-in system for a message board web site a “platform”? How old should you be to call such BS a platform? And how boring your life should get to get so pumped up about working for a company that produces social message board web site?

  16. @Ev (not Williams, i hope?):
    um dude… if a “plug-in system for message board” got as much traffic as Facebook, and had over 50% of users login DAILY, then i’d be just as bullish:
    right back atcha — how boring is your life that you think interacting with 20M people age 18-35 isn’t interesting?
    people who continue to ignore the stats on the company are living with their heads in the sand.
    – dmc

  17. FWIW, that wasn’t me. :)

  18. What’s the big deal? I believe Facebook will crack the code for social recommendation search/advertising. Google search is so 1999.

  19. Well if Facebook is the next big thing, it should have a currency of it’s own! A couple guys have started an app to create a digital facebook currency to be used in auctions! Check it out, see what you think!

  20. psssst. there is this way cool “idea” I have called groknblock. I am still kind of formulating the central idea and all of the details but I think, no make that Know, it could be like really really big someday. It’s going to be very web 3.0ish. I am talking bigger than microsoft bigger than Google, and Yes folks, bigger than even Facebook is going to be. btw, I am willing to allow a few seclect investors to get in on this ground floor opportunity. But only a few.

  21. Personally, I have used Facebook for roughly 2 years. Just because they have been valued at roughly $10 billion recently does not make them inspiring or life changing. The Facebook API has turned the site into a joke with people developing nothing but useless applications. Mark Zuckerberg is a want-to-be silicon valley “hip” CEO a la Steve Jobs, when really his product in no way has revolutionized anything. Google has consistently impressed me with useful applications. I cannot say the same for Facebook.

  22. I am not a techy by any means, I am the end user and quite frankly, in my opinion, facebook lacks the intuitive flow a social networking website needs. now I may be missing a big chunk of the- behind -the -scenes- picture, but I don’t think the plug ins like ‘hugging, punching and throwing sheep at….!?!’ are of any use. I read this blog and not one person mentioned myspace. why? am I really missing the bigger picture of this blog?
    – I must say, fecebook cannot be in any manner be compared to google, microsoft or even myspace.
    as a consumer, face book is the weakest application creating link.
    jake. myspace.com /blk ink

  23. You don’t deserve to work at Google loser

  24. Paul, with this post, your blog has reached a new low. This is not jealousy talking. I’ve been in Silicon Valley for almost 30 years beginning as an engineer. It’s simply amazing to me to see how many frigging east coast snobs like Rosenstein and Zuckerberg have moved here, and they apparently learn this garbage arrogance at an earlier and earlier age. They make Larry Ellison look like a saint. Pathetic little imbeciles in their bell bottom pants and t-shirts.

  25. Fredy Kruger says:

    Facbook sucks
    I don’t see its sense of existence

  26. Seen people talking about their company like this before.
    I wonder what will be it like couple of years down the line.

  27. I think the man is missing some integrity here. It’s just bad style. One should not act like that towards the former employer – how bad ever me might have been!

  28. Surely the facts should speak for themselves. This is so …erm..gushing.

  29. Ughh, I don’t think I’d want to work with a guy who calles himself a genius. It’s called humility you ass.

  30. Talking like this about a former employer and that too as big as google is really not very good.

  31. mage ringlerun says:

    fadbook what? justing or whatever his name was (i can’t even be bothered scolling up :-) is just a moron… (unless this entire thing is fake?) – jump to the next hot thing… that’s called fickleness… and no real idea about what you value… justin, you are a shallow moralless empty shell of a human … go on talk to your 20million friends… yeah right… as you if even *really connect* to *any* of them… you are a classic social/friend hore!

  32. FaceBook is bubble-tastic!

  33. Hi,
    I am a french entrepreneur, and I would like to tell you how I feel after reading your article.
    We have a sentence in Francee to sum up my feeling : “cracher dans la soupe” we also say “cracher dans la main qui t’a nourrit”.
    You can translate it litteraly by : “Spitting in the soup” or “Spitting in the hand that feeds you”.
    I have no contact with google or any of its companies. I just give a salary to some people every month, taking the risks when they only have to wake up to come working.
    Anyway the size of the company, anybody who would say what you wrote here would disgust me.
    If I was facebook, I would ask myself : when will this guy return the knife on me, and plug it into my back ?
    If I was any employer googling your name before employing you, I would ask myself : who’s that future traitor ?
    I don’t know you Mr Kedrosky, but sure I allready know I won’t be able to be a friend of you, waiting the moment your blind-self-confidence will hurt me.
    good luck for the future with your non-respect of the one who also help to make what you are now ( only technically I hope).

  34. I believe the French guy meant Rosenberg.
    Remember that Eric Schmidt said:”This is Google”, responding to the Microsoft deal with Facebook; Facebook is only social trend, just like MySpace was, and it will become no longer be popular in the near future. Google’s power lies in its employees.
    Zuckerberg stole the Facebook idea. How can you ever begin to compare Facebook with Google and Microsoft? Google empowers the average users with outstanding functionality and productivity, while Facebook is nothing but a distraction.
    The average users of Facebook are college students who put large dents in their parent’s wallet. Facebook targets college students who have little or no income, and when they graduate hopefully they will be mature enough to stop using a social networking website mainly for sex and scandal.
    US in on the brink of a severe economic recession/depression. The consumer oriented economy is unsustainable and ads will no longer be as powerful. Facebook won’t go away, but its not the next Google/Microsoft.

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  36. I checked the last Alexa numbers and it seems Facebook’s popularity is still growing very fast. Facebook rank is now #7 worldwide right after Myspace. I think
    Justing might be right. Also, Facebook is #2 in Canada.