Facebook IPO Watch: When’s the Due Date?

So, when will Facebook file for an IPO? The company is growing gangbusters, doing north of $100m in revenues (allegedly), and is at the epicenter of the social networks and advertising trends. There are lots of reasons, in other words, to file now, and precious few to wait much longer.

My bet? We’ll see a Facebook filing by August.


  1. my “back-of-a-napkin, and very rough, “calculations” put Facebook’s revenue at about $150m a year.
    based on google’s trading multiple, i’d expect the IPO to value facebook at something like $3.9bn.

  2. Alexander says:

    August? But they’re going to get a nice fat bump in traffic come September when the kids get back into college.
    Or is it preferable for them to go through their quiet period while traffic is low(ish)?

  3. Paul,
    Why an IPO as opposed to an outright sale? I guess an IPO would let Mark Zuckerberg maintain control of the company and let investors drive up the company’s valuation even more.

  4. Maybe I’m not thinking like a venture capitalist, but why either? How desperate are their investors to exit? What magic plan do they need IPO cash for? What company out there thinks they can leverage enough synergy out of buying Facebook to make the company more valuable bought up than independent?
    Sometimes a nice, highly profitable (they can’t be spending anywhere near 100m on operating costs, can they?) company is just that.

  5. Tom Jones says:

    How can there be any IPO until they resolve the Federal lawsuit they are currently in:

  6. whens my due date? last peiriod may 28th 2007?

  7. so did FACE BOOK file for an IPO…and if so what is there symbol?