Dentists Make the Best Venture Investors

Here is a quote I never thought I’d hear from any rational venture-backed entrepreneur:

“We like to have the dentists as investors because they can help us in many ways,” said Gallagher.

Given doctors’ general crummy reputation as investors, I’m guessing he means via emergency post-financing tooth extractions, or root canals to take your mind off upcoming board meetings. Right?

[via Seattle P-I]


  1. Help them rack up tax writeoffs maybe. I remember a broker telling me he used to go to dentist conventions because they were such easy marks: tons of cash flow, no investment sense and a huge appetite for risk.

  2. Joe Hutchinson says:

    I’ve helped spinal implant companies raise money recently, both from institutional investors and accredited orthopedic surgeons. In the orthopedics space it is crucial to have surgeon advisors / consultants during the design process; and from this close relationship many consulting surgeons are eager to invest capital in the company.
    There are of course several other reasons to have surgeons investors, some of which are more contentious. At the end of last year The New York Times had an article called “Side Effects: The Spine as a Profit Center” which discussed the increased scrutiny on spine companies with doctor ownership.
    Paul – I’ve been monitoring your blog for nearly a year now and I’ve taken away a lot. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post your thoughts.