Catching Up: Domain Name Data, iCops, and the Faux WSJ

Once again, emptying my ever-overflowing link box:

  • AT&T stores are hiring iCops for iPhone iLaunch (AppleInsider)
  • Great new data on domain name registrations, shows up 30% y-o-y (Verisign)
  • Faux post-Murdoch WSJ front page (WashPost)


  1. The funny part is how this “viral image” emanates from the NYT and the WaPO and not from the blogosphere. Methinks the gray ladies doth protest too much…
    But I must admit, the Carl Pavano Pin ad is genius level satire.
    Maybe there’s hope for those laid-off MSM editors on YouTube and MySpace.

  2. Interesting to see that the Wash Post chaps think that UK-tabloid headlines (Tarrant. Harry.. I mean does anyone care about these people in the US? I do however know you like our Queen!) are the best way to illustrate what might show up on WSJ front page. Don’t you guys have original tat in your country or is it a case that Wash Post fears lawsuits about swiping real trashy US headlines too much?