Catching Up: Business TV, Swarm Behavior, Dark Pools, etc.

Catching up and emptying my ever-overflowing link box:

  • Explanations of swarm behavior in ants has wide applicability in markets and elsewhere (National Geographic)
  • Dark pools and disintermediation in market are growing quickly (II)
  • Algorithms galore: How the machines are taking over Wall Street (Reuters)
  • Tackling latency in online trading, and why a bunch of traders are about to lose their jobs (IBM)
  • The problem with business media: It’s not about real business (FT)


  1. An amazing book that discusses swarm behavior and how it will be used in the future of technology is Out of Control by Kevin Kelly.

  2. “Dark pools and disintermediation in market are growing quickly”
    The link up now is to the Swarm article. I’m really curious. Please update!

  3. Fixed now. Thanks.