Catching Up: Ad Spending, Linkedin IPO, Facebook Follies, etc.

Catching up and emptying my ever-overflowing link box:

  • Great iPhone review consensus grid (Valleywag)
  • Firstsecond Facebook app has been acquired … for $60k (Inside Facebook)
  • If you’re not reading Inside Facebook, you should be (Inside Facebook)
  • New study argues iPhone is too expensive (Park)
  • Marchex just launched more than 100,000 “local and vertical web sites” (which still look more like SEO spam to me) (Marchex)
  • Total ad spending to be up marginally in 2007, but Internet spending up 17% (McCann)
  • GM cut first-quarter ad spending by 31%, making it the fourth straight quarter of 25-percent-plus declines (NY Post)
  • Linkedin aiming for $100m in revs, IPO coming (Reuters)
  • Big companies don’t know what big companies will do (pmarca)


  1. Just wanted to point out that the Facebook app story you link to at Mashable came originally from Inside Facebook:

  2. Other notable investors in LinkedIn include Peter Thiel who has also invested in Facebook. Looks like the LinkedIn IPO is going to be a closely watched one.