Ad Insertion Patent Showdown

Been meaning to mention this for a while, but there is a patent showdown looming in the ad insertion market, and it could get messy. I’m in meetings so no time for more detailed comment, but you can find more reading here:

While it’s a typically loopy and over-reaching process patent, it is still potentially bad news for online advertising in general, and Google/Yahoo et al., in particular. Also for a range of ad-related video startups I’ve been looking at.


  1. The problem here is that the patent in question is completely bogus. It simply describes a very generic idea of sending information to a user from a database. That is blindingly obvious even to a non-expert in information technology.
    Having spent an inordinate amount of time in the last several months reading patents for business reasons, I’ve concluded that the entire process is completely broken, not just as applied to software patents. (Few of the patents I was reviewing were actually software patents.)