Wolfman Jack Talking Microsoft/Yahoo, Reuters/Thomson, etc.

Some guy who sounded like Wolfman Jack was on CNBC late today nattering about the Microsoft/Yahoo non-deal, plus the News/DJ bid, not to mention Thomson/Reuters. Was hard to focus on the content given the gravelly voice.

Who lets people who sound like that on TV?

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  1. John K says:

    Speaking of “tacit data”, your use of the word nattering invariably is self-deprecating. Meaning, altho I didn’t watch the video, the Wolfman Jack voice obviously has to be yours…

  2. Bonnie Fitzgerald says:

    This guy is good, check him out!
    He calls himself Wolf Man Jack.
    I will find out more as I just talked to him today and will be meeting with him this week.
    I had a met with him last year a LouieFest 2006 I was impressed.
    He can announce any of my bands or events any time.
    He is making some movies and staying busy
    You go dude!
    Bonnie Fitzgerald