Wolfman Jack Talking Microsoft/Yahoo, Reuters/Thomson, etc.

Some guy who sounded like Wolfman Jack was on CNBC late today nattering about the Microsoft/Yahoo non-deal, plus the News/DJ bid, not to mention Thomson/Reuters. Was hard to focus on the content given the gravelly voice.

Who lets people who sound like that on TV?


  1. Speaking of “tacit data”, your use of the word nattering invariably is self-deprecating. Meaning, altho I didn’t watch the video, the Wolfman Jack voice obviously has to be yours…

  2. Bonnie Fitzgerald says:

    This guy is good, check him out!
    He calls himself Wolf Man Jack.
    I will find out more as I just talked to him today and will be meeting with him this week.
    I had a met with him last year a LouieFest 2006 I was impressed.
    He can announce any of my bands or events any time.
    He is making some movies and staying busy
    You go dude!
    Bonnie Fitzgerald