Visualizing Immigration Data

Nice demo from NYU of looking at minimalized immigration data via a (Space Invaders-ish) visualization. Nifty stuff, even if I can’t figure out who all those people are who are streaming to Russia.


  1. People from former USSR republics are migrating to Russia.
    Russians are migrating to the US, Canada and Western Europe.

  2. Another partial explanation of the Russian activity is that this dataset must have been normalized to percentage changes and not net numbers, as there must be several orders of magnitude of inflows/outflows to China than to Peru, and that’s not reflected here. I also suspect that Brazil is under-represented in population outflows.
    Some other random observations:
    It’s a shame that all Asia Pacific and Sub continent flows go East only. Somewhat muddies the picture on China-to-America and India-to-America data.
    And poor New Zealand, I thought that was the hot ticket these days, seems like you can only buy a one-way ticket out?