The Trouble with the Trouble with Apple TV

Oy, Brent Schlender’s anti-Apple TV piece in Fortune is hopelessly silly. Sure, Apple TV is not perfect — matter of fact, I wouldn’t buy it.

But so what? As Steve said today, it’s a hobby, an experiment. Apple TV is a bold first try in an emerging market. You have to love Apple’s ego, its willingness to break the rules, scare shareholders (and journalists), and generally try something new — even if it fails more often than not.

Apple isn’t infallible, never has been — no company is — but it currently has the confidence and smarts to try some brave new experiments. That is great to see, and potentially value-accreting — not to mention utterly unlike a host of other companies.


  1. James Littleton says:

    Why waste time with Fortune, the People Magazine of business writing? If its journalists were worth reading, they would be elsewhere. Most of what goes under the guise of business journalism there is mere mental cotton candy; this is an instance of that.
    TW took a superb business magazine and converted into mindless drivel filled with endless trash lists (the 300 hundred most powerful Spanish surnamed lesbian quadriplegics in Keokuk, Iowa) and attempts at “relevancy.”
    The rare decent article (of which this is not) no longer justify its price.

  2. Who cracked your password and is now posting on your blog? Tell them to send them to stop impersonating you because they do an absolutely horrible job. I don’t know how they expected anyone to believe the real Paul could write such a half-baked piece.