The Interweb as Mass Media

A fairly remarkable “interweb as mass media” graph from the OPA that I’ve been thinking about lately:

This is, in many ways, a parallel and more striking version of the VCR/Internet/cell phone accelerating adoption curves slide you have likely seen many times. Unlike that one, however, the above slide is highly actionable.


  1. The more remarkable statistic here is not how many adults are using the internet now vs. 1995, instead, is anyone else shocked by the fact that the daily reach and duration of TV among adults is 90% and 280 (or so) minutes per day? I had no idea people had that kind of time on their hands. Impressive given the 4.6% unemployment rate…

  2. The most amazing results that can be deducted very clearly are..
    1.Vertical proliferation of incidence of use from under 10 percent to over 60 percent in a decade plus few years. This is going to exponentially increase as prosperity and education increases world wide.All other media market share is being eaten into by the web.
    2. The quality of time spend on web is more retentive therefore more productive, TV attracts more minutes but as technology and bandwidth improves so would be the time spend on web. The future belongs to the web, web is going to probably become interactive tele.
    3. Global ad revenues will in next few years more targeted to the web.I see exponential growth going forward the interactive communication wave of future is clearly the web.
    4. The best company that is going to take advantage of all this will be Google, Yahoo or ebay.. Go Google or Yahoo at present lows..