The Bear Case on Google, Part XXIV

Jeff Barr files (indirectly) Part XXIV of the bear case on Google. While his post is harrowing, read the comments to really see the depths of anarchy to which at least some parts of Google have descended.


  1. I love that Google emphasizes the GPA in recruits: it weeds out the prima donna techies who never deigned to develop the rounding off skills and knowledge necessary for business.
    The stars-in-their-own-minds commenters seemed to me to have basic communication or common sense issues, which I see over and over again in techies. From punctuation problems to anecdotal throwing gasoline on the flames attitudes, the commenters did not achieve dick in analysing Google’s recruitment processes.
    Makes me want to invest in Google if their process keeps such whiners and sneaky goaders outside the door.
    I hope I am not being mean, but professionalism and balance count big time with me.