Rise Early, Work Hard … Get Bono as a GP

Many venture partnerships struggle with getting enough media attention for their partners and deals. Such is not the case with Elevation Partners, which, despite having done only three deals since 2004, has more than 1,000 print mentions to date (according to Dan Primack).

My basic interest isn’t why a firm with so little activity has
received so much press attention (over 1,000 print mentions to date),
as the obvious answer is Bono. Instead, I’m more curious if LPs were
getting nervous about the seemingly-slow pace.

But there just doesn’t seem to be enough there there.

Leaving aside the “there there” question, I’ll draw a different conclusion. The real trick to media success in venture investing is rise early, work hard … and get Bono as a GP.


  1. Ted Turner said it best:
    “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise”

  2. Paul, I might add that another Elevation partner has gotten a lot of ink lately – former Apple CFO Fred Anderson….so another way to get a lot of attention is to be investigated by the SEC, and to make accusations about Steve Jobs…

  3. Good point, Eric. So many paths to media success.

  4. Now, if Fred Anderson were to be photographed a few times getting out of a limo in Vegas with his naughty parts hanging out…