Playing with Particls

Okay, I’m playing with Particls, having been watching it from afar for a while. I generally like some aspects of this next-gen RSS-centric alerting-widget attention-loving thingie, but I still find it irritating and inscrutable in some ways.

F’rinstance …
    … Why can’t I better constrain the OPML universe from which it pulls?
    … Why can’t I have it scroll vertically in a long window in our newly multi-monitor world?
    … Why does it take so damn long to start showing anything?
    … Why can’t I shut it down by clicking on it and telling it to shut down?

I’m sure other things will occur to me. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to play with it — and I’m sure it’s deeper than I have discovered in my usual superficial, drive-by, 200-mph tour — but I think the rhapsodies are overdone and early.


  1. Hi Paul – Thanks for taking the time to post feedback about Particls. We will take it all onboard for the next builds.
    Keep up the great feedback!

  2. Sounds a lot like the widgets and feeds at Findory (which have been around for 3+ years).
    Findory Inline, for example, is a widget that you can embed on a weblog. The widget learns from the news you read through Findory and shows personalized headlines to other people. You can limit the news shown to particular search terms or categories if you like.
    Findory RSS feeds can also be personalized, in which case they learn and adapt to the news articles you read through the feeds. They can also be limited by keyword and category.