On Golf, Lob Shots, and Trading

Some typically entertaining comments over at Daily Speculations, this time on the relationship between lob shots and trading:

The primary reason the lob shot is much more difficult to master is
margin of error. The ball must be struck with almost absolute precision
in order to put the proper backspin on it, not to mention the small
target location. The margin of error with the bump and run shot is
quite large compared with the lob shot. Therefore, it has a higher
degree of forgiveness and is often mastered by many. But when one is in
trouble, the bump and run is of no use.

So, for a week straight I hit 300 lob shots a day. I would spend a
couple of hours a day striking that ball over and over, from every part
of the practice green. I would pick the most difficult locations and
lies that the practice green had to offer. I became so comfortable with
this that I took fifteen strokes off my handicap because I became so
adept at the lob shot. I would often use it even if it weren’t
necessary, much to the chagrin of the bump and runners.