Lijit is Over There to the Right

Folks may notice that over to the right I now have search service Lijit running on this site. Try it and see what you think. I got many (many^100) complaints about my prior blog search, so this has to be an improvement.

Thanks to Brad for poking me about it, and to Stan at Lijit for setting it up.


  1. Just curious, Paul — how is it better than just a regular old Google site search?

  2. Among other things, it gives much better historical search data on what people have been looking for at the site, what searches led them here, etc. Someone at Lijit can add more, as I’m just a newbie.

  3. Mathew,
    We return information from your blog, your other online identities (which we auto-discover) + the people in your blog roll + their identities. Its a bit like asking Paul about what he knows about “Term sheet” and getting all the things he has written, bookmarked and what the people who influence him have written and found as well..
    Each week he gets a report about what people were looking for and what content got delivered (either his or someone else’s).

  4. That’s interesting. Thanks, Todd.