Jobs/Gates Disruption in SoCal Space/Time Continuum

There is going to be a disruption in the SoCal space/time continuum next week. I had forgotten until today that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are doing a joint appearance on-stage at next week’s “D” conference here to chat with conference hosts Kara and Walt.

This sort of end times augury could also mean a plague of locusts, etc., so it’s best to be prudent. Likely a good day to stay off the freeways.


  1. Bet they do a live “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” spot! Of course, neither of them needs to don a costume since the commercial actors are spitting images of them (25-year-ago versions of them), so they’ve got THAT going for them, which is nice…

  2. In southern California, every day is a good day to stay off the freeways.
    Does anybody have any clue how much protection Steve’s Reality Distortion Field provides in melee?
    And let’s hope it doesn’t come down to a Charisma check. No way Bill’s going to roll a 20.