IP Quote du Jour

Here is the IP entrepreneurship quote du jour, via Lee Hood at ISB:

“… for a lot of states it
is far more important [for universities] to have a really good football team than it is to have a
really good IP team.”


  1. I’d like to see the IP Team take on Oklahoma’s football team, and I’ll take the points too!
    Universities with strong athletics programs run it as a business, do the I.P. universities do the same? I think they do (in some way), and that is good.
    What happened to the independant inventor? He couldn’t afford the lawyers to file his patents!

  2. The independent inventor is alive and well – he/she just works for IBM now. And who can blame people for wanting to be paid handsomely and have all the amenities the technological world has to offer while they continue pursuing their invention dreams? R&D arms of IBM, Microsoft, you name it, tend nowadays to operate as inventor-friendly atmospheres that offer the best of both worlds to former garage dwellers.