Catching Up on Energy News

Lots of link catch-up to do in energy today, with some outstanding content:

  • Great all-energy week at Marketwatch continues, with good stuff on residential solar (Marketwatch)
  • Worldwide solar energy production is up 24-fold measured in MW over last decade (Navigant)
  • Depletion levels in Saudi Ghawar field much worse than known (TOD)
  • Cheap gas is bad for America (WSJ/Energy Roundup)
  • Nanomaterials leading to possible manifold increases in battery and solar cell efficiency (EETimes)
  • Good hot-or-not list of cleantech investing areas (Inside Greentech)


  1. well i know i’ve been harping on the whole peak oil scenario for sometime but the depletetion of the saudi ghawar field is just more hard evidence, i tend to agree with t. boone pickens take that oil and gas prices may be heading up agressively. volatilty and price spikes! $5.00 Gas this summer? get ready!