Business Object Buys Inxight, & the Semantic Web

Interesting news. BI vendor Business Objects has bought Inxight, a maker of software for unstructured textual analysis. Cool, and further evidence, if needed, that unstructured data — call it Web 3.0, the semantic Web, or whatever — is already here.


  1. Paul,
    I suspect this will be a trend to watch. The business intelligence players (Business Objects and Canada’s own Cognos are the two big independents) have a pretty good handle on reporting the structured data that is found with your average enterprise’s database. They produce some gee-whiz graphs and dashboards and so forth. Which is all well and good…but since structured data is usually less than 10% of total data — how to get at the stuff in text and voice?
    The BI guys have talked about accessing the unstructured data for years (with very limited success)and interestingly one of the emerging leaders is (gasp!) Microsoft. Although it is a lower end solution, they have introduced a framework that integrates BI with text (ECM or Electronic Content Management) and Unified Communications.
    This emerging “enterprise applications suite” is likely to be a longer term trend. BOBJ’s buy is unlikely to be the last M&A activity between BI players and the text and voice crowd.