Brin Be Biking

A somewhat puzzled aside from Variety today in an article otherwise about Google’s changing video search:

Google co-founder Sergey Brin appeared at Wednesday’s press event in biking gear and rumpled hair.

Oh, those tech company founders are sooo quirky.


  1. hell..if I were worth billions, I will care two hoots about what others think of my appearence!

  2. Bike shorts, sure, but rumpled hair … what kind of outfit is Google running over there?

  3. That is just so wrong in so many dimensions. I hide from my neighbors when I’m wearing Lycra. I would rather throw myself in front of a moving car than show up at a press conference.
    Too confident. Too relaxed. Not paranoid enough. Google is waiting to be devoured by the black swan.

  4. According to the Onion, it’s not easy to develop unique eccentricities when you’re a billionaire:

  5. A very smart man, highly respected and, althought not as wealthy as Brin, arguably much more sucessful, once told me that the way you dress is a sign of the respect for others.
    Some people would do well to remember that.

  6. I think Mike’s comment explains why all those Muslim women wear burkhas… 😉

  7. It becomes a bigger deal when you become a global company. Americans can put up with a lot, but in other cultures, people look at seemingly “little” things much more closely.
    I spoke with a Korean woman who’d interviewed Bill Gates close to a decade ago and she still remembered how carefully he drank his tea. Not that he was Bill Gates, not what he said, but how he drank his tea. And in many other cultures, how you do things can be more important than what you do.
    Of course, if you only care about American audiences, you can get away with murder.