Barry “Bling-less” Ritholtz

My friend Barry “Bling-less” Ritholtz has a cry from the heart appended to a recent post and directed to financial journalists, et al.:

NOTE TO MIDDLE-AGED WHITE PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY BANKERS, INDEXORS, PR FLACKS AND MEDIA STILL USING THE WORD “BLING”:  Stop. Right now. For your own sakes. It does not make you look hip if you use hip-hop, urban, or black expressions — most especially those that are circa 1998. Please stop it immediately. All it does is reveal you to be a clueless middle-aged white guy.

The term Bling long ago jumped the shark. And because I am a middle-aged white person, I was more than a year late in making that observation — over two years ago. (See RIP Bling-bling for more details). 


  1. The phrase “jump the shark” jumped the shark in its own right a LONG time ago.

  2. Mike Fallopian says:

    Come on! Middle aged white people say this BECAUSE they don’t want to look hip. Saying ‘bling’ and wearing Rockports is their way of getting street cred with the rest of the middle aged white people. How do you guys not get this.

  3. I’m on a mission to stay current with pop-culture bands, trends and idioms. My plan is that when my kids are in their teens I will be able to drive them insane be being more up on what’s hot then they are, forcing them to embrace Schubert and Beethoven, Balzac and Proust, etc.

  4. Barry jumps the shark every day

  5. Let’s start a meme that ‘like’ has, like, jumped the shark.