Auto Fuel Cost/Mile: 1981-2007

Interesting data from the EIA showing the trends in auto fuel/cost per mile since 1981. It captures changing fuel costs as well as changing auto mileage, showing that we’re not yet, by that measure, at the historical price peak.


  1. Mr. Kedrosky, if you also look at the EIA’s itemization of the cost of a gallon of gasoline. EVERYONE has gets a raise 2004 to 2005 EXCEPT the last mile of the supply chain (the remarketers @ the pump). THEY are the ones who get beat up the most.
    If the EIA has numbers for 2006 I haven’t seen them yet… Thanks for the above.

  2. Nor does this graph take into account rising purchasing power over the same period. Thus, the percentage of our take home slave wages has continually decreased.
    If Big Oil just stopped publishing gas prices in gigantomongo plastic numbers, I doubt the complaining would be the same. Everything looks more expensive when displayed in-your-face every two blocks.

  3. good point and good thing to keep in mind as we move into the summer driving season, seems tight refining capacity is working to keep prices high- no one want a new refinery in their backyard—it seems to me that gas has been pulling up all the energies, everytime we see crude price momentum slow—-it get pulled back up —should be an interesting market over next several months–pk oil and gas futures

  4. Is this inflation adjusted?