Another Reason Why John McCain Will Never Be President

Here is another reason why John McCain will never be elected president. He seemingly seriously suggested tonight at D that Steve Ballmer would make a good hire for a cabinet post.

What position? Ambassador to China. Interviewer Kara Swisher countered with Secretary of State.

You’ve got to be kidding.

obAside: Eric Savitz is providing detailed (and typically irreverent) coverage of D. He even has a complete list of the contents of his twin bags o’ schwag.


  1. One Way Stox says:

    McCain is mentally unstable.
    If, for some reason, he wins the Republican nomination, the only way he can win the presidential election is if he runs against a Democrat.

  2. franklin stubbs says:


  3. Ah, but you left out what was maybe the more serious suggestions from McCain on who might serve in a McCain cabinet: John Chambers from Cisco and Fred Smith from FedEx. Chambers was actually in the audience tonight, and after the even was walking McCain around introducing him to the digerati…Chambers is clearly in the McCain camp.

  4. Hey, Fred Smith can do for social security what he did for pensions at FedEx.