Amazon’s Fat Long Tail

New all-time bestsellers list of “DVD Sleepers & Keepers” from Amazon is interesting list. Shows how many fringe (to my way of thinking) products aren’t in the long tail at all, and are actually top of the DVD pops. Call it a fat, long tail.


  1. dub dub says:

    I’m confused. Which of these products do you consider “fringe”? Or, to quote the princess bride (#21), “I don’t think it means what you think it means!”

  2. Anything that I’ve never heard of must be fringe, of course!

  3. I also think there is a systemic influence. You can’t walk into a Blockbuster, etc without seeing a ton of recent (non fringe) hits for sale at deeply discounted prices.
    So there is a selection bias – Amazon will largely be used by those in search of something that is already skewed towards the long tail, because the stuff on the left hand side is already pervasively available at prices that Amazon can’t beat.