Advertising is the Tech Sector

On a Friday CNBC appearance I opined that the advertising is the tech sector. Far from being some lonely outpost, it is the enchilada. Sure, we still do lots of other things, in tech, from selling hard-drives on outward, but there have always been sideshows (I use that term advisedly) in the tech sector . Today, however, ads are the feature act in the center ring.

I was reminded of the preceding by this para in a NY Times article today:

In the first quarter of this year, AT&T spent $79 million on online image-based advertising, compared with $55.6 million in the quarter a year ago, according to Nielsen/NetRatings Ad Relevance. The Ford Motor Company increased its purchases to $29 million in the period, from $7 million a year earlier.


  1. >> …the advertising is the tech sector.
    I think I would narrow that to the *infotech* sector. Medical devices, aerospace and others are segments of the tech sector that are partly marketed using ads but don’t these still employ sales reps in the more traditional sense?
    Maybe I’m missing something here, I do that sometimes.
    Advertising does seem to be the only business model that’s working well for the internet, but I’d be careful about broadening that to the whole tech sector unless you explain it better for the people like me.