Twitter Twaddle

My biggest takeaway from this funky new data-driven exploration of the Twitter universe is that the biggest topic of conversation on Twitter is … well, Twitter.


  1. Thousands are trapped in an endless loop.
    What are you doing right now? Posting a twitter post, all of them.

  2. Come now, Paul — lunch is pretty prominent too :-)

  3. As a guy who has been around blogging since the beginning, this couldn’t be that shocking to you.

  4. Adam — I guess, but I don’t blog about whatever software is running this site. I think, perhaps wrongly, that no-one cares and they’d rather talk about things that matter.

  5. I’m back from lunch. How is everybody?
    And Hhh, Twitter *and* Jaiku both melted today.What’s up with that?

  6. Paul, you may not blog about what software is running this site. However, if you look at the blogosphere, as a whole, blogging and blog software is probably at the top of topics consistently mentioned. And, it *definitely* was eight years ago, as you surely know.
    I think it’s an element of the novelty of the medium and the character of early adopters, not the medium itself.

  7. Hey Evan —
    No question you’re right. In general most new media go through a period where a main topic of conversation is that media mode itself, and Twitter, like blogging circa 1999, is no different. The real test is how quickly users of the media find more useful and widely-appealing things to talk about, marginalizing the techno-narcissists.

  8. I was wrong about the cable news mentions being’s high-water-mark. After a recent dip traffic just spiked past that date in March–at least according to Alexa.
    Yes, I know Alexa is often wrong and can be easily manipulated.