Twitter for Hypochondriacs

Who is sick? is a clever idea, and similar in many ways to my “what’s going around?” idea. It allows people with symptoms of something or another — bloody stool! sniffles! cough! muscle ache! — to add their location and symptoms to a map.

Why clever? Because it is the data-rich beginnings of grassroots epidemiology via capturing the kinds of conversations that usually only happen in doctors’ offices. You, know, “You have a cold. That’s going around”.

Granted, the interface is no hell, and it would better if it were more live, and there was a better sense of recency. Nevertheless, this is the beginnings of something nifty, a kind of Twitter for hypochondriacs.


  1. Must be in the air… I was speculating on the the blog a few days ago about this “sickness” mapping. Besides the obvious data benefits, their are some near term potentials as well… for instance, sign up for alerts that when “x-symptoms” passes threshold “Y” in my postal code, sms or ring me with the information! tie it to some stock availability information and get directions to a store that has medication ABC1… and all that before anyone else knows that the sickness is on its way… neat…(oh of course you would share that information with everyone on your social network…)