TheStreet Buys Stockpickr

Huge congrats to my friend James Altucher whose New York-based Stockpickr was just bought by A great east coast Web 2.0-ish exit, and a lovely example of how specialized and engaging web properties can a) grow quickly, and b) be purchased for a speedy return.

By way of full disclosure, I write regularly for (the acquirer), and I have been giving James my $0.02 on Stockpickr informally from the outset, but this is all him. Great stuff.


  1. we are big fans of stockpickr! we really like easily looking up holdings of top hedge funds/mutual funds etc—-somewhat related: we recently launched which is the only Commodity Futures Trading COMMUNITY with free quotes, charts and Paper Trading in multiple portfolios without opening an account(the first and only in the commodity futures niche)we are also growing rapidly and have numerous upgrades in the works—for those who are interested in trading, leverage, commodity futures, hedge funds etc its a must see!—oh yeah go the site for more info on our FOUNDERS!

  2. telljeeves says:

    Does anyone want to explain to me where the information on stockpickr comes from?

  3. telljeeves, we collect information from a variety of sources: 13F, 13D, and 13G filings. Letters to investors. Columns or blogs the managers write. Speeches they make. Etc. Note this is for the pro portfolios.
    We also create a lot of spotlight portfolios. This information is created from research, personal experience, screens, articles, etc.
    Then, many users put in their own analysis. Of the 60,000+ portfolios that users have entered close 20,000 have some form of analysis in them. Many of our users enter in quite extensive analysis. Right now I would say there are about 500-1000 regular “columnists” on the site providing regular extensive updates to their holdings and ideas.